Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wallet Making With Cardstock - Wallet Words...Wallet Numbers...Wallet Letters

One of my goals is to make learning fun.  I myself would rather go to work when it is fun, then when it is not.  You all know what I'm talking about.  Students are no different.  I want them to jump out of the car or off the bus and happily enter our room ready for the fun and challenges of the day.  Learning should be joyful.

Here's a fun idea.  Many years ago I started putting our words on pretend money.  I made Sweeney National Bank out of an old dryer box and my students played at it during free time.  I created a wallet to hold their words made out of cardstock, scrapbook paper, tagboard, whatever you have. 

Here is the link to my TpT site.

It just involves printing, cutting, folding, and taping.  I have used all different kinds of tape, like duct tape, packing tape, painters tape, and on some of the ones above I used plain old scotch tape and it works just fine.  My favorite is the colored masking tape.

They look like the real thing and my students absolutely love them.  One little girl told me she slept with it under her pillow because she loved it so much.  That makes my teacher heart smile.  I hope you like them.   If you do, please follow me.

Step 1:  run the pattern on cardstock.  I cut scrapbooking paper to 8.5x11" and run it through my printer.  Cut the wallet and the 2 flaps out.

Step 2:  Use tape to attach the 2 flaps.

Step 3:  Use tape to secure the 2 sides.

Step 4:  Fold the 2 flaps on the dotted lines.

Step 5:  Attach sticky Velcro dot to flap and wallet.

Step 6:  Put your favorite money inside.

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