Sunday, March 3, 2013

Emergent Reader Set of 26 Books

When I first started teaching kindergarten, I wanted to get lots of books into the hands of my eager sponges.  So I began making books for them to practice our skills but also something to put into their bookbox, keep at home to visit and revisit, and use to reinforce what I was teaching in the classroom.  This is a set of 26 books.  One for each letter of the alphabet.  Each book is 13 pages long.  Your little ones will practice following words from left to right, they will learn about title page, author, illustrator, they will print upper and lowercase letters, and they will engage in group reading exercises by reading to a buddy or two or three!  I hope you like them.  TpT   Don't forget, if you make your own, create the top part, select it all, duplicate, and paste it on the bottom.  That way when you run it through the copy machine you can have the machine do the stapling and arranging!

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