Sunday, October 6, 2013

Boo Hoo Sight Word Game!

I wanted to make a fun way for my students to practice our sight words, one of my fellow teachers told me about this game...thank you Tina!  Instead of writing the words on the sticks, I printed out labels with our 100 words and then bought fancy sticks and stuck them on.  I put one on each end and bought Halloween buckets at Michaels to put them in.  I decorated the outside of the buckets and they love love love this game.  We pass the bucket around, they choose a stick and can read the word from either end.  If they know the word they get to hold on to the stick.  If not, they throw it back.  If they pick the "boo hoo" stick, they have to throw all their sticks back.  They don't give up because you never know if someone else will choose the boo hoo stick and make the game interesting all over again.  I used avery labels number  8167 (any ones ending in the number 67 and have 80 labels per sheet) and I bought the sticks from  Click here to get my set.

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